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Running is in our blood, and if you do what you love you, you stay on the ball, keep learning new things, keep educating yourself and that is how the Diploma gallery in the cellar keeps growing.

Both Christian and Andrea are active members of the club “im Wald Läufts”, both belong to the organisation committee for the famous “Walderlauf”, both are trained running group leaders, Christian is a certified mental coach in sports and Andrea has completed training as a diet coach. The “running success” is countless. Christian has finished over 30 marathons and Andrea 10. They have completed numerous half marathons, Christian has had success in several ultra-marathons covering a distance of 100km, and of course many mountain and ultra-mountain runs, once even at the European Mountain Running Championships on the Jungfraujoch, he was at the start of the marathon twice on two consecutive days…crazy to some, impressive to others.


I d’Sunno
kam a
allad ku.


„The love of running has been passed on to our children, both are on their way to a professional career in running. Our main concern is to set a good example and encourage and support them as best we can.“

Andrea Meusburger

<p>Running events<br /> in Bregenzerwald</p>

Running events
in Bregenzerwald