Growth over generations

Genuine hospitality in action

In the "Sonne" in Bezau hospitality has been in practice for decades, here people come together to have a good time.


Christian's grandparents used to run a small inn in the "Sonne" alongside farming and raising 13 children. Christian's parents continued to run the inn and laid the foundations for the following generations.


For over 20 years it has been Andrea and Christiam, who have welcomed guests. They have developed, modernised and expanded the Hotel Sonne, always building on established relationships with local craftsmen and suppliers.


Today the Sonne in Bezau stands for a carefree family holiday, enjoying nature, the passion for running , and healthy food, all in an uncomplicated and genuine manner whereby evey member of the family can enjoy their own special moments without the joint holiday time coming up short.

Growth over generations
Growth over generations

I d’Sunno
kam a
allad ku.

Growth over generations

"In the Bregenzerwald there is a saying which translated means, "we honour the old and welcome the new and remain true to ourselves and our homeland".

Translated into our actions over the last 2 decades, we have relied on the tried and tested and have kept the things that work and boldly embraced new ground.

Christian & Andrea Meusburger