The Meusburger Family

experienced, genuine hospitality

We love what we do and do what we love: We are hosts with a passion, we love exercise and are dedicated to healthy eating. We are conscientious in everything we do whether it is work, running or eating.


As hosts and individuals we have, over the 20 years that we have run the Hotel Sonne Bezau, developed, we have matured and learnt to follow what suits us and leave behind things we don't believe in.

The Meusburger Family
The Meusburger Family

I d’Sunno
kam a
allad ku.

The Meusburger Family

„At the present time we offer family holidays in the Sonne Bezau that would inspire us: close to nature, genuine, carefree, touched with inights and experiences, that are not ordinarily available.“

Christian & Andrea Meusburger

Team work

Hosts with a passion

Your hosts in the Sonne Bezau are individuals from different countries, each and every one of them has their own talents, and everyone plays their part in providing you with a carefree holiday in the Sonne Bezau. Why this team works so well: because we appreciate each other, we believe in each other's ability to carry out tasks we help each other and we trust each other!


Many of our team have been with us for years in the Sonne bezau,  some of them worked for my parents. We have staff members that are only here in summer or winter and new members of staff constantly joining to strengthen the team. This enables a combination of years of experience alongside new and creative ideas to develop.

„It's not the number of academic qualilfications that are important to us, when we employ new staff, it's far more down to attitude, the enjoyment in work, the enthusiasm as a host in the Sonne Bezau to help make carefree holidays for our guests possible."

Andrea Meusburger