Child care

Children, what fun!

The playroom in the hotel lights up children's eyes. Climbing, romping, playing, laughing, being creative, listening to an exciting story - all are possible! There is even a window to climb through into the garden and back, no long walk through the hotel is necessary.

The playroom that inspires and impresses the children most is nature! and becaus it is always there we make the most of it and spend plenty of time there with the children: in the cave park we investigate the large cave, we build stone towers or carve bows and arrows. the edge of the Bregenzer river is the perfect place to spend hot summer days, building damns and grilling on an open fire. In the playground or sports ground , we climb, play ball, jump and swing. When a bus journey to Bezau is on the plan it usually means something special is happening, we go for a ride with the ponies, lamas and goats from Pius!

Once a week there is a joint meal in the playroom, several times a week there is a "Blaue Stunde": after a joint evening meal from 18.15 - 19.15pm all the children are invited to the playroom so that Mum & Dad and the rest of the family can finish their meal in peace or enjoy a glass of wine.

Child care
Child care

I d’Sunno
kam a
allad ku.

Child care

„Child care in the hotel Sonne means that we spend an inspiring time with the children together discovering nature and having exciting adventures.“

Child care team

Our child care

  • Playground and kids vehicle park
  • Child care from Sunday to Friday
  • Kids all in for all children to 12 Years
    • Breakfast, lunch and evening buffet
    • Juices, mineral and still water
  • 1x a week children's meal together in the playroom
  • "Blaue Stunde" 18.15 - 19.15 pm
  • Children's adventures in child care
    • Creative hour in the playroom
    • Cave park discovery
    • Bow and arrow carving
    • Afternoon by the water with barbeque
    • Walking with Lamas
    • Kids running course
    • Fit for Kids – Active hour
    • 1x a week family programme for the whole family
  • Young children's week

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