Chidren's buffet

Healthy like Seffa

Because tastes obviously vary and because what Mum & Dad find delicious isn't always appealing to the children, and quite simply because childen just want to eat when they are hungry and can't wait any longer, while on holiday in Bezau there is a special buffet for our younger guests.

Beginning with breakfast appealing vitamins are waiting for us, tasty bread rolls and croissants are waiting in the bread basket, there are homemade jams, natural chocolate spreads, large bowls of fresh fruit, yogurt, muesli, cereals, the best way to start the day.

To ensure that the strength lasts until the evening there is a lunchtime buffet with a small choice. Naturally accompanied by a choice of juices, mineral and still water. In the evening even the fussiest eater will enjoy the artistically arranged platter of raw vegetables on "Seffa's vegetable platter", without a second thought. While the child care team load the plates, Mum & Dad can remain seated. The children's buffet is always supervised.

The choice is wide and varied, the kitchen team places great value on a balanced diet, not forgetting the "kids classics"! The dessert and ice cream buffet to finish is a major hit every evening. Once a week the children and our child care team have a fun evening meal. 5 evenings a week, the "Blaue Stunde": after a joint evening meal from 7-8.00pm all the children are invited to the playroom so that Mum & Dad and the rest of the family can finish their meal in peace or enjoy a glass of wine.

Chidren's buffet
Chidren's buffet

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Chidren's buffet

„Children in the Sonne love their own children's buffet. There is a choice of classic favourites alongside vitamins prepared in a child freindly manner, even the fussiest eater cannot resist“

Child care team, Hotel Sonne Bezau

Choice on the children's buffet

  • all in kids - for all children from 3 - 12 yrs
    • Children's breakfast buffet
    • Children's lunch
    • Children's evening buffet, supervised by our child care team
    • Juices, mineral and still water
  • Lovingly prepared raw vegetable platter - even the fussiest eaters cannot resist
  • 1x weekly supervised evening meal in the playroom
  • 5x weekly "blaue Stunde" after children's evening meal
  • allergies and food intolerances wil of course be accounted for

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