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Running has beeen our sport for decades, it started with Christian and over the years he has infected his sister, his wife Andrea and his brother in law with the running virus. Therefore it is obvious that their children Anna Sophie and Maximilian raced in their first children's marathon at the tender age of 3. Today, both are on their way to a professional career in running..


The total number of kilometres that Andrea and Christian have run in the last 10 years can only be esstimated, but it's big, really big. The enthusiasm for running that they have built up over the years has led to further education to become a trainer, mental coach, children's trainer etc. and they are overjoyed to be able to share their enthusiasm with their guests.


The focus is not only on achieving, but the enjoyment of activity, the enthusiasm to try something new, to discover while runnig the most beautiful corners of Bezau, early in the morning, when the world is still quiet. Everyone who enjoys being active is invited, no previous experience of running is required!


If you like, you can also talk shop with Christian and Andrea, whether it is regarding a training plan, diet, running techniques or the ideal running shoes - on the topic of running these two never run out of answers.


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„I have been running for 3 decades, taken part in countless marathons, ultra runs and mountain runs. My greatest passion is running in the montains. While running together with our guests I am constantly reminded of how infectious the enthusiasm for running is.“

Christian Meusburger, qualified running trainer and host

<p>Christian's sportsman's muesli</p>

Christian's sportsman's muesli

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